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So I'm playing through FireRed casually, and I'm having trouble with whether I should keep Rollout on my Geodude or teach it Rock Slide from the Move Tutor in Rock Tunnel.

What are Geodude's other 3 moves?
I would keep Rollout since it is already on your Geodude and if I recall correctly, those move tutors only teach it once. If you do run Rollout, my personal opinion is to give it any accuracy boosting item as it only has 90% if you manage to find Wide Lens or Zoom Lens. It gets stronger as it is used more. Wide Lens raises it by 10% from 90 to 99 while Zoom Lens will bring it by 20% from 90 to 108.
Neither of those items exist in FireRed.

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It would be good if graveler/golem goes with this moveset:
Golem/graveler @ anything
EVs: doesn't matter
Ability: Rock Head
Adamant nature
(preferably,not necessarily)
~Rock Slide
Let me tell you why rock slide is better than rollout.

  • rollout takes time to build up more power.
  • rock slide has a flinch chance and rollout doesn't have such an effect.
  • There is no guarantee that rollout will hit all 5 times.
    But it's completely your choice. Rollout can be used in place of double edge if you like. If rollout hits the 5th time you are using 480 base power move!
    I used rock slide on graveler when I once played FR.

Source: experience
Hope this helps.

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Why double-edge when you can use both rock slide and rollout?
ofc you can. But double-edge can be used as it has the ability rock head making it an 100% accurate powerful tool. But I'll edit to say it's the person's choice.