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Which is the better move for Sceptile in Sword and Shield? I can't decide which one! Rock Slide covers two weaknesses, but Earthquake is stronger. Help!

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Ninjask isn’t very competitive
Neither is Sceptile.
Yes. I don’t think he is going to play competitive with this Sceptile, though. He didn’t even give its EVs or move pool. I’m talking about in casual gameplay.
Rock slide covers so many of it's weaknesses but e-quake covers poison weakness. . . I'd say rock slide because fire, bug and flying are more common than poison and e-quake covers 1 weakness verse 3
@ IsItReallyThou, Rock covers 4, that is fire, bug, flying and ice. Ground covers 2, that is fire and poison. So 2 verses 4. Also, there are water types who use ice beam, bug isn't common. So 2 verses 2. (Wynaut both?)

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It doesn’t matter to much in casual, but in competitive, you should probably use earthquake. There is a rare case where you will have your Septile out against a Pokémon that has a type advantage. And ground type moves have a lot of coverage anyway. Earthquake already covers 2/4 of Sceptile’s weaknesses. So, definitely use earthquake. Also side note Rock Slide also has poorer accuracy compared to Earthquake.

Hope I helped!

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Thank you this has helped. I do plan to do competitive but I am just training this sceptile. But it's moves are Leaf blade, dragon claw, swords dance, and earhtquake