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Just asking you guys what would be the best.


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I would go with Rock Tomb. Here are my reasons:

1.Rock slide flinches the opponent only if it hits first. (Source) With aggrons base speed,I doubt that he will be able to flinch any Pokemon.

2.Rollout fixes you into using it for five turns.It could be useful if you EV train it in defense so that it can take a few hits until it finishes using Rollout.However,if your opponent uses a special attack then you are doomed as Aggron has terrible sp def.

3.Rock tomb will always reduce you opponent Pokemon's speed by one stage.(Source)This could be useful because since Aggron has horrible speed,it may be able to lower the opponent's speed down to Aggron's level.And even though it has less power than Rock Slide,it has more accuracy.If Rock slide misses in the most crucial of times,you'll be in trouble

Hope I helped!

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This is not a good answer. Rock slide is the clear victor. If you think logically, aggron is a hard hitting pokemon, that relies on strong attacks to take out pokemon quickly.   The speed drops that rock tomb would grant you are useless. In the time that it would take for you to effectively get enough speed drops on the opponent to out speed them, aggron could already have defeated the opponent with half the amount of rock slides, as while you falsely stated that rock tomb had better accuracy, it doesn't (rock tomb 80, rock slide 90, this is GEN III), and it has 50% more power, 75 over a mere 50. Rock slide is the obvious choice.
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I would recommend you going with rock slide, because it has a higher base power than rock tomb(I'm completely excluding Rollout from this since it wouldn't work well) and you have a 30% chance to flinch.
With Aggron flinching your opponent will help a lot more than lowering their speed because you only have 50 base speed so you're still going to be slower in most cases.

Hope I helped!

Give it Thunder Wave or Rock Polish to Sweep with it (If u can give them to him in Gen3)
Rock slide only flinches if it can strike before the opponent.
That's true, but it's still better than rock tomb imo. Lowering the speed of the opponent in-game isn't such a big deal really, but rock slide has more power so I'd go with it.
Rock tomb has more accuracy. And I think Tomb is better for lowering speed to match aggron's speed,or at least somewhere close to it.And rock slide misses in the most crucial of times.(By the way,what does 'imo' mean?)
Imo =  in my opinion       

http://www.internetslang.com/IMO-meaning-definition.aspn my opinion

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Don't go with Rollout since it locks you to only use Rollout for 5 turns.

I would go with Rock Tomb because it has more PP than Rock Slide. It depends on what you want. If you just want damage go with Rock Slide if you want to just faint Pokemon fast you should go with Rock Tomb. For example getting out of Victory Road.


Just so you this is a gen III QUESTION, and they have the same pp.