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Its been bothering me lately...
Should I get Drill run or rock slide for my excadrill?

Depends on the rest of your team
A ground type move is necessary on Excadrill. It's up to u if u want rock slide for more coverage.
Why not both?
Unless you're doing doubles, earthquake is better than drill run. Ideally, you should have both earthquake and rock slide. I'm not sure why you can only have one.

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Honestly, Earthquake would be better for every type of battle with your Excadrill. It's a STAB, unlike Rock Slide, and it has 100 Base Power, and 100% Accuracy, compared with the 80 Base Power and 95% Accuracy for Drill Run. If you were thinking about Drill Run because it raises Critical Hit chance, it can also learn Slash and Shadow Claw, which do the same thing. For singles, Excadrill can sweep with Earthquake if it's fast enough and/or has Swords Dance or something. For doubles, you can hit both of the enemy Pokemon with Earthquake, which would work if your second Pokemon uses Protect, or has the Levitate Ability/is a Flying Type. And Iron Head would be better than Rock Slide - it's more reliable (100% Acc. vs. 90% Acc.) and is a STAB, unlike Rock Slide.

So, a good Moveset for Excadrill:

Adamant/Jolly Nature (+Atk.-Sp.Atk OR +Spd.-Sp.Atk)

  • Swords Dance
  • Earthquake (STAB)
  • Iron Head (STAB) +30% Flinch Chance
  • Shadow Claw/Slash (Base70; Acc.100%) +Crit. Chance

Hope that helped. :)

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The main reason why some people prefer rock slide over iron head is because having a ground and a rock attack gives at least neutral coverage except against two type combinations, while having ground and steel leaves five type combinations resistant to the attacks.
Thank you for the help! :D