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I dunno which to use!!!1


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If you were going to chose between the two, then always choose Drill Run.

Drill Run has the same power as Dig, but only takes one turn to do it. It also has a high critacal hit ratio, so you can get luck easier! :)
Don't worry about the 95 accuracy, it will almost never miss.

As Dig takes two turns, its power is essentially halved to a measly 40. When underground, you can still actually get hit by an Earthquake, and not only that, the Earthquake will hit with double power!
In competitive use, Dig is pointless, because if you use it your opponent will instantly switch into a flying type, and the Dig will do nothing. They will then also have the advantage.

However, Earthquake is better than both of them so why not use that? :)

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but dig gives more unpredictability and can be used to dodge
Yeah, but technically in the same turn, they also dodge a move from you. o0o
dig isn't technically 40 power because the opponent misses you the first turn, meaking it techinically stay 80 power. Something like solar beam would be 60 power since you can get hurt
You can still get hurt by Earthquake o0o
Dig Is bad because while you're underground, the opponent can switch to a flying type
@Torterra thats pretty much the only way you get hit with dig lol. Unless there's some ability.

@Tazzie yeah, that's why dig sucks