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Current team:

  • Pignite
  • Venipede
  • Magnemite
  • Drilbur

I thought of getting a Flygon instead of an Excadrill so that I'll have a Flyer (+ Fighter + Dragon-type) without having to rely on Swanna for flying + surf/Water-type Mon (bc I want a Golduck for water-type) but Excadrill is good too...


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I would go with Excadrill

Drilburs can be found right after trapinch, however, need to be trained less to get to Excadrill(you'd have to train an extra 10 levels at a slower rate to get Flygon), and is easier to train due to having a much faster Growth Rate. You already have a Drilbur, which makes that even easier, depending on how far you are, it could be very hard not to Kill any trapinch you find in the Desert Resort. Excadrill has more useful abilities, in Sand Rush and Sand Force, then Flygon's Levitate, Excadrill also has higher HP and Attack, which are two of the most useful Stats in-game. Excadrill has 7 resistances(Fairy didn't exsist yet), one of those being a 1/4 resistance, as well as 2 immunities! This is much better than Flygon, who only has 3 resistances and 2 immunities.

I would definetly go for Excadrill due to the fact that it's, a far easier Pokemon to obtain, and it's good stats and abilities.

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Excadrill also learns swords dance by level up, and swords dance is an overpowered move in most Pokemon games.
That's true, also, if you plan on using the legendary on your team, it'll type overlap if you have Flygon.