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this is my team:
Nidoking/Drapion (again which one should I choose)

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For the Nidoking/Drapion dilemma go with Drapion; Drapion can set up hazards and is only weak to Ground.

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Lets see, first of all you have a MASSIVE ground weakness, with four out of five Pokemon being weak to ground. Like lucario said drapion is the superior choice, as its superior defensively. Your team also is not a huge fan if electric types either, and hail wouldn't really benefit the team. This is why of the options you desire I believe Leafeon is the best choice. It has great defense and a resistance to handle ground types and can destroy them in return with leaf blade. This is a set I like.

Leafeon: miracle seed
Swords dance to boost attack
Leaf blade STAB
X scissor for other grass types /iron tail for ice types and good power
Double edge for good power/dig for steel types

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Drapion vs. Nidoking
- Drapion; Infernape has a psychic weakness, and Nidoking has that weakness too.

Drapion @ Black Sludge
Ability: Battle Armour/ Sniper (both are good in-battle abilities)
- Nigh Slash
- Cross Poison
- Aqua Tail
- Ice Fang/ Thunder Fang/ Earthquake

Last team member
Dusknoir; you have a fighting weakness and nothing that resists it/ is immune to it. Drapion and Staraptor can't take more than 1 fighting hit. Dusknoir can wall some neutral hits too due to decent bulk, and Drapion will be able to wall Dusknoir's weaknesses.

Dusknoir @ leftovers/ Spell Tag
Ability: Pressure
- Shadow Sneak
- Will-O-Wisp
- Fire Punch
- Earthquake/ Pain Split

Alazakam - too frail; can't take too many hits. You have good sweepers in Infernape and Staraptor anyway

Leafeon - weak to too many things, and all of its resistances are covered by your current team (Grass, Electric, Water & Ground)

Abomasnow - always starts hail, which is annoying since the rest of your team will be buffeted. Again, too many weaknesses & another fighting weakness

Rampardos - high power, but too slow & too many weaknesses. Once again, fighting weakness

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fine now I need to think of one of those three:Dusknoir,Alakazam,or Leafeon.
I think Brotad's right in that Leafeon would provide a good ground counter, but imo it doesn't add anything else than that. If you want a ghost type & a ground counter, go for Mismagius; it'd make a good special sweeper, which would take Alakazam's role as well.
And fondant gives a great compromise. I agree. Plus mismagius can run energy ball to deal with ground types further if need be.
So can Alakazam...........
"Alazakam - too frail; can't take too many hits. You have good sweepers in Infernape and Staraptor anyway"

^ that's what she said on Alakazam. That's why she didn't suggest it.
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Out of your 6 choices, I would recommend Alakazam. Your team is mostly physical. Alakazam has very high special attack. This of course requires trading with a friend (hopefully you have thought about that). If you don't want to use Alakazam, the second highest SP Attacker is Abomasnow, although it isn't nearly as high (92 to 135). However, Abomasnow has some pretty awesome moves like Wood Hammer and Blizzard, which are learned relatively early (36 and 47 respectively). I imagine his moveset would be something like this:
-Wood Hammer (STAB)
-Blizzard (STAB)
-Ingrain (Health regain for wood hammer)
-Icy Wind/ Razor Leaf (Decent attack with greater pp)

Good luck!

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