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this is my team so far:
Empoleon moves:Ice Beam,Surf,Metal Claw, and Drill peck
Staraptor moves:U-Turn, Brave Bird,Close Combat, and Double Team
Garchomp moves:Earthquake,Dragon Rush,Flamethrower (weakness) and Giga Impact
Gallade moves:Thunderbolt,Close Combat,Psychic,and Leaf blade
Houndoom moves:Dark Pulse, Flamethrower,Solarbeam,and Sunny Day/Pikachu
Roserade moves:Energy Ball.Sludge Bomb,Attract,and Rest/Abomasnow moves: Water Pulse,Focus Blast,Shadow Ball,and Wood Hammer
so also Pikachu or Houndoom? I'm aiming for Pikachu for thunderbolt, Brick break,Iron Tail, and Grass Knot to cover the weakness

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do you want movesets?
why not? Sure!

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I would go with Roserade.

[email protected] (You dont need it cuz this is In-Game)
Trait: Natural Cure

EVs 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe (You do not need them either)
Nature Timid (I know that it is hard to get the right nature in-game)


  • Sleep Powder: For catching Pokemon
  • Giga Drain: STAB
  • Shadow Ball / Aromatherapy: Shadow Ball for DMG Aromatherpy (No need of Full Heal)
  • Sludge Bomb

    Hope this helps


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yeah maybe.
Abomasnow is much better in my opinion
Yes but i recomend Roserade for several resons.