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Nature - I don't know

252 d
252 sp
4 hp

Item - leftovers
Ability - snow warning

Moves :
Leech seed

Or the same move set for snover but instead of leftovers an eviolote

This move set is for annoyer
I don't want to use it for competitive battles
Please help me decide and tell me which one its better

Thanks :)

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2 Answers

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The stats in HP, Def and SpD will look like this, without factoring in natures;
Snover - 262 HP, 298 Def, 327 SpD (Give or take one, my rounding may be incorrect) with eviolite
Abomasnow - 322 HP, 249 Def, 269 SpD
Even though Snover's defensive stats will rise above Abomasnow (not by too much), Abomasnow's higher HP makes up for it, and it's access to leftovers. Also Abomasnow's higher speed allows it to outspeed some Pokemon Snover would not be able to, and that can mean that Abomasnow can potentially dodge an attack, which is always great.

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I would suggest Abomasnow. With the Eviolite, Snover's Defence is still lower, and its Special Defence isn't much higher. I would give it at least one attack though, just in case it needs it.

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