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Empoleon moves:Hydro Pump,Flash Cannon,Shadow Claw,Ice Beam
Infernape moves:Close Combat,Mach Punch,Thunder punch,Flare Blitz
Staraptor moves:Brave Bird, Close Combat,U-Turn,Steel Wing
Abomasnow moves:Blizzard,Wood Hammer,Water Pulse,Focus Blast
Dusknoir moves Thunder,Fire,Ice and Shadow punch
Garchomp's moves:Flamethrower,Stone Edge,Dragon Rush,Earthquake
Nidoking's moves:Earthquake,Mega Horn,Sludge Bomb,Thunderbolt

are u in game?

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I am going to have to say Garchomp

Why? While Nidoking is good in his own right, Garchomp is a monster. With base 130 atk and 102 speed he can destroy any unprepared team without a second thought. Not to mention that awesome dragon/ground dual stab, only resisted by Skarmory, Shedinja, and Levitate Bronzong, which all can be handled with a fire type coverage move.

Also, Garchomp has better defensive synergy with the rest of the team. Your team can handle having another ice weakness, and empoleon resists dragon type attacks. Nidoking, on the other hand, does not really help out the team defensively, adding another ground weakness, bring the total to three, and adds on to infernape's water and psychic weaknesses.

In short, choose Garchomp.

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Lets go then shall we?


enter image description here

enter image description here

Nice and big for you to see. Anyway, as you can see, Garchomps BST far outdoes Nido's. Although Nido's is nothing to scoff at, Chompy is to powerful for it to overcome. 138 attack and 102 speed screams sweeper. Although Nido can go special and compy kinda can't, the land shark has everything it needs.


Now, Nido still has an immense movepool. Physical or special, Nido doesn't care. It still has quite a lot of power to use, although not as much bulk as it's sister. Too name a few moves...

Earth Power
Ice Beam
Sludge bomb
Poison Jab
Mega Horn

Yeah, quite big. And next, chompy.

Dragon Claw
Fire Fang
Swords Dance
Aqua Tail
Stone Edge

Not quite as much, but everything it needs. Overall, Nido has the better movesets.

Overall usefullness

Garchomp will crush all of the E4 and Cynthia, provided it's leveled
high enough. Nido is waaay to badass, and will kill anything with it's
coverage. Both can use serveral HMs too. Ima just go on all out power
and say Chomp is the best one to use. Just because of the power

Hope I helped x3
> brings in-game and that fact that is puts Nido to shame in battle too.