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Title says it all. This is Pokemon Platinum, by the way. I also wanna know when I should evolve Togetic into Togekiss. Thanks!


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Togepi evolves into Togetic through happiness and you evolve Togetic into Togekiss by using a a Shiny Stone on it.
You can find a Shiny Stone in the end room of the mine at Iron Island.

I would also recommend evolving both Togepi and Togetic as fast as possible unless there is a move you'd like to get from when Togetic levels up as Togekiss can learn no moves by leveling. You can see the moves by clicking This Link.

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I meant what level I should evolve them at. :)
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Pokemon DB is not a reliable source, ESPECIALLY for information about movepools. Bulbapedia and Serebii are usually better.
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You should level them up Until level 45 Seeing thats when they learn one of their best moves, Double-Edge. However, Togekiss is a special attacker but that doesn't mean this attack is no good it can still do outstanding with its high power. Once you learn this move at level 45 you should then proceed to use the methods of evolving Togepi and Togetic. Also Waiting to evolve Togepi until level 5 is recommended by me due to the fact thats when it learns metronome which is a pretty good move.

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And to correct myself its level 46 not 45 my bad lolz
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Togetic can learn every move Togepi can learn at the same level, so the only advantage of delaying Togepi's evolution is the fact that Togetic has more weaknesses. This is almost always more than made up for by Togetic's better stats, so nobody should intentionally delay Togepi's evolution.
Well mine is not evoluing please help
Just feed it more EV berries and level it up some more.