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I am currently in Veilstone city, it is level 20, it knows Metronome, Shockwave, Encore and Yawn.
I have all the items I was given (like Shell Bell and Soothe Bell) and haven't sold any so items won't be a problem here.
Togepi has the Exp. Share and I don't think this is important but it's Pokeball has a seal(heart).
What is the fastest way to get Togetic/Togekiss before I beat Maylene?

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Alas, there are a plethora of ways to make your Togepi evolve!

Here is a table, with all the methods of increasing friendship with your Pokemon.
Of course, the methods marked with 'HGSS' are only available in HGSS, and the methods marked with 'DPPt' you can still do.

The ways you can do it pre-Elite Four are:

  • Walking 256 steps (+1)
  • Massage from the woman in Veilstone City (+3)
  • Using Vitamins (varies)
  • Levelling Up (varies)
  • Using EV-lowering berries (varies)

Note, there are also multiple methods that can lower your Pokemon's happiness, so pay careful attention and make sure you don't accidentally tread on those methods!

Your Pokemon's happiness must reach 220 in order to evolve.

Hope I helped. :)
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Isnt smooth bell gonna help?
Oh yes, of course. It applies a rounded down 1.5x multiplier to each of the positively-affecting events.
I just got togetic, but where do you get a shiny stone? Can you mine it from underground land?
You can find one in Route 228 and Iron Island. If you're playing Platinum, you can find one on Route 210 with a Dowsing Machine. http://www.serebii.net/itemdex/shinystone.shtml
The 210 after the psyduck herd, or side next to 215 and solaceon town?
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Here are the ways to speed up the amount of happiness Togepi will get (as Togepi evolves through happiness):

  1. Give it a massage: Right by the Veilstone Gym, there is a house in which a girl that will give your Pokemon massages. This increases their base happiness.

  2. Hand it the Soothe Bell, and walk around a lot: This is probably going to be your primary means of fetching happiness for Togepi.

  3. Give it stuff like Vitamins: They increase the happiness alongside EVs.

And lastly, Togepi needs to gain a level to evolve after it has achieved 200+ happiness points (see more about that here). Then it will evolve into Togetic.

Hope I helped!