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Background: I’m doing a play through of Soul Silver, and I’m about to head to the Elite Four. My only Pokémon that is super-effective against the Poison and Fighting types is my Togetic. But I’m not exactly sure that taking a Togetic to the Elite Four is the best idea.

Question: If I get a shiny stone from Pokeanthalon before I defeat the Elite Four, will I be able to evolve my Togetic into a Togekiss, or will the game crash?

This page says the Pokeathlon won't give you shiny stones until after you get the national Pokedex. But if you got a shiny stone some other way and tried to use it, then I think you should still be able to get a Togekiss. Also I think you don't really need super effective attacks to beat the Elite 4.
all you need is a gyarados with d-dance waterfall and ice fang.
No all you need is a level 100 Togetic with return and magical leaf.
The earliest method of getting togekiss is someone trading you a shiny stone. Other than that, you have to wait.

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You can’t get a shiny stone but you can still evolve together into togekiss with a shiny stone if you have a poke hold it if you trade it over from another game.
Be mindful that it may crash the game but it will just load the last save file which might cause the trading Pokemon to be deleted from both games.
Togekiss will not have a number in the Pokédex without the national dex but it will have ??? Instead.

I'm pretty sure it wouldn't crash the game. And if it crashed for some other reason, then the traded Pokemon should still be there when you reload it.