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I have Pokemon Black, Pokemon Heart Gold, and Pokemon Diamond, and I'm trying to get a Calm Togekiss with Ability Serene Grace, and with the moves Air Slash, Aura Sphere, Body Slam, and Roost (for my Pokemon Black).

Air Slash and Aura Sphere I can get by evoloving, and Roost I can use TM 51 from Generation IV. But I don't know how to get Body Slam. Smogon says it can learn Body Slam, but I don't know how...

I'd just go with Thunder wave.
with serene grace body slam, paralyzing your oppponent is 60% chance and it will get stab from it but with calm nature and not using hustle ability, it wont do much damage to other pokemon and it has no coverage either. so i think thunder wave is the better choice but ground types are the only problem to that. but its not worth going all the way back to your 3rd generation game to get body slam and trying to find togepi for the right nature from an egg. this will literally take for ever.
And for the thing about Ground types, with Body Slam you can't get Ghost types.
yea, i knew that but there arent many ghosts out there as much as ground types(gengar is used alot though) and nobody expects a body slam from a togekiss
Good point there.

Although I think we both agree Thunder Wave is the better choice, for the ease of use and the 100% paralysis chance over the 60%.
OK, I'll just go with Thunder Wave, LOL I'd rather not go back to 3rd Gen
Why do you want Body Slam? It's a bad move for the Togepi family because they have horrible attack.

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there is one possible way. get a togepi in one of the 3rd generation games and you can make it teach body slam from a move tutor in firered and leafgreen(its located in island 4). once you teach the move to togepi/togekiss then transfer it to one of your 4th generation games. then migrate it to your 5th generation game