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I did the damage calc for both and togetic could live a hit holding a eviolite better than togekiss holding sitrus berry or leftovers but more people use togekiss and they can do the same thing as defensive Pokemon but if you want offensive I know togekiss is better but I am talking about using them defensively


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Well here goes then:

  • Better movepool

One of the redeeming factors about Togekiss is it's ability to tank hits and use a particular combo called "Paraflinch", which is basically abusing Serene Grace to continuously flinch a paralyzed opponent so that they don't attack half the time. This infinitely increases it's survival chance as a defensive Pokemon and often forces the opponent into tough spots.

The most abused attack here is Air Slash, which Togetic surprisingly doesn't get. Togetic also misses out on Aura Sphere, although it doesn't have the firepower needed to use it efficiently anyways. It's beside the point too since we're talking defensive here. But still, on the other hand, Togekiss gets every move Togetic can learn.

  • More HP

Now, don't get me wrong. Togetic does indeed, despite it's low HP, take less damage than Togekiss. But more HP means that when Togekiss heals itself using Sitrus or Lefties, it gets crucial amounts of HP back, it's chances of living are actually more than Togetic. Also, it also makes Togekiss a much better Wish-passer than Togetic.

  • Healing

This is self-explanatory. Togekiss because of it's item doesn't need to be wasting a turn to heal itself, while it's only a matter of time before Togetic corrodes down.

  • Speed

Now this is major. Togetic is slower than almost everything out there; 40 speed is not something to be proud of. It cannot even abuse Trick Room as it is not an offensive Pokemon. Togekiss, while not very fast either, outspeeds key Pokemon like Heatran, Tyranitar, Breloom and Bisharp, which allows it to

  • flinch the opponent
  • pass a Wish on it's turn, and heal the next Pokemon before dying
  • Defog out hazards before dying

If they are faster, Togekiss can paralyze and then outspeed to flinch them.

TL;DR: Togekiss is a better defensive Pokemon than Eviolite Togetic because of it's ability to outspeed and flinch it's opponents (preventing an attack in the first place) and heal itself/it's team better.

Hope I helped!

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That Eviolite is taking up an important item slot, however. People use Togekiss because it doesn't waste an item slot on Eviolite.

Plus togekiss has much better stats.

Togekiss also learns some moves that togetic does not.