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In a VGC sense as a supportive Pokemon which would be better?

It's moves would be Follow Me, Thunder Wave, Protect and Magical Leaf/Air Slash?
Btw it will be supporting a Dragon Dance Tyranitar.


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Yes Eviolite Togetic is a very viable option. I would suggest the following moveset:

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Ability: Serene Grace (for those secondary effects)
Nature: Bold (+Def, -Atk)
EVs: 252 Def/252 Sp.Def/4 Sp.Atk

  • Nasty Plot (Really reccomend this)
  • Stored Power (From those Nasty Plots)
  • Roost/Wish (Healing)
  • Protect/Baton Pass (Stall or pass on to a Sp. Sweeper)
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Okay but It has to know Follow Me