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Swellow's my personal favorite, but I feel that Staraptor might be better.


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Yeah Staraptor is better really in my opinion
Stats (In order HP, Atk, Def, SpA, SpD, Spe)
Starapator - 85/120/70/50/50/100
Swellow - 60/85/60/50/50/125
So Staraptor has higher bulk than Swellow, as well as a higher attack stat. The only meaningful stat Swellow has over Staraptor is it's speed stat at a whopping 125.

Movepoolwise. Swellow relies on it's main STABs in Facade and Brave Bird as well as U-turn to switch out. Staraptor does similar but it gets an important move which Swellow doesn't - Close Combat. It allows Staraptor to take on the Steel and Rock types that Swellow cannot, and allows it to deal heavy damage to them with it's high attack stat.

Swellow's ability, Guts boosts it's attack stat above Staraptor's after a turn. However, because of this Swellow is forced to hold a status orb and run protect, or risk dieing. Additinoally, factoring in recoil damage and status damage, Swellow will die very, very quickly - more so that Staraptor. Staraptor's ability Reckless, allows it to boost Double Edge and Brave Bird to high levels along with STAB as well as having a good coverage in Close Combat. Intimidate also allows Staraptor to take physical hits better, and screw around with opponents using physical attacks.

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Wow, I knew Staraptor's good but definitely not *that* good!
Yeah personally staraptor is better just because of close combat which has type coverage.
You can have roost instead of protect and ariel ace (I think I spelled that wrong) instead of brave bird because of course, the burn damage and the facade is powerful, stab,stronger when status ailment and with guts, my god my teammate in a multi battle sweeped with it.