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Pidgeot, noctowl, swellow and staraptor, Well I'm searching for a good flying-type pokemon for my team, but I'm having a tough time deciding

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it depends on what you want for speed it is swellow one of the top ten fastest pokemon

staraptor has good type coverage with close combat which eliminate rock, ice, and steel + dark and normal

pidgeot has decent moves and was the first bird pokemon it has decent speed

noctowl is good he can learn hypnosis and extrasensory and sky attack and has pretty good stats

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i would suggest staraptor
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Staraptor overall has the best moveset and stats. It has a good move pool to cover up its bad defenses, but it'll probably ohko the foe before it even gets to hit with a brave bird, close combat, or return with its 120 attack and 100 speed. Pidgeot without its mega stone is crap. Pidgey and Pidgeotto have some of the worst stats and have terrible movepools that compliment its stats. By the time you reach level 36, you'll have stronger Pokemon than pidgeot, because pidgeot's stats overall just aren't good. I'm glad it got a powerful mega with a useful ability. Noctowl just isn't that good other than the fact that it gets access to psychic type moves like hypnosis and extrasensory. Swellow isn't a bad choice either, with amazing speed and pretty good attack, plus it evolves VERY early in game. You could go with swellow or staraptor, but staraptor is just the better choice.

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