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Psychic: chimecho or alakazam
flying:swellow or pidgeot
dragon:dragonite or salamence

I would pick Pidgeot, Alakazam and Salamence because those are the strongest
Does anyone like Klinklang
I kinda do. Great single-type Steel-type Pokemon.
Pidgeot sucks in my opinion
i can make the opposite even stronger
@dizzyheads I can make Bidoof and Magikarp stronger
Alakazam is the best , swellow wins this for me, and maybe salamence. But dragonite works equally fine, but salamence has more of my attention.

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Alakazam. It has Excellent Speed and Special attack and a WAY higher total base stat.
Swellow. One of the fastest pokemon ever on your team can be helpful.
Salamance. As it has high attack and special attack, it can have INCREDIBLE movesets!

Dragonite is better than salamance, especially with multiscale. Besides, daragonite would contrast well with the other speed/sweeper pokemon. (it also can destroy a whole team...:)
in my opinion both are equal ( dragon )
and as for flying why not choose your dragon types? they are also part flying
Well, again Chimecho has good defense and Alakazam physical stats suck!
Pidgeot has good special attack and can learn hurricanne.
As for Salamence, I aggree that he is better than Dragonite, because of his greater sp atk and access to fire blast, thunderolt e.t.c.
did u ignore he fact that dragonite is really tanked to set up more dragon dances?
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Alakazam no question

if you want high speed swellow high attack pidgeot

salmece has higher attack and speed but dragonite has better

defenses I suggest salamece

Speed freak, answer this question so torterra can win: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/4786/torterra-infernape-or-empoleon
dragonite has higher defenses
That's what Speed Freak meant. It's just that he wrote this answer with no punctuation. I thought he meant Salamence had better defenses at first also, but when I read it a second time, I saw he meant, "salmece has higher attack and speed, but dragonite has better

defenses. I suggest salamece"
Dude, use proper grammar, please.