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For all you that don't know, a Pseudo-legendary is a pokemon is that is NOT a legendary pokemon but has a stat total of 600 (Where it gets its name from the Greek term "pseudo" meaning fake, false).

Now first my problem is that the 600 total is confusing for not all legendaries even hit the 600 mark - such as Entei and Uxie- 600 really make it some kind of comparison to a legendary? A pokemon such as Kingdra I consider a very cheap pokemon in my opinion, though it has a stat total of 540, all it stats are higher than 74 (which will do good damage/protection if it was attack/defence). Though it slacks a bit with HP, you could train and raise it so it wouldn't really be a problem.

Another point is that I think moves should factor in 'cheapness' and resemblance to the legendaries, Arcanine shall be my example because of its moves, yes, it does learn much moves in that state but whilst in its pre-evolution it learns very powerful moves. In comparison to Manaphy (stat total 600), the moves it learns are not as powerful compared to Arcanine/Growlithe. And also Manapy learns its most powerful move later than Growlithe. However I see how this could be countered because Growlithe would have to evolve to attain those stats but so would the 'pseudo-legendaries'.

I know 'pseudo-legendaries' is not official but because of this, polictically correct 'higher pokemon people' would use this to see those pokemon as 'cheap' and therefore not professional or fair to use. I disagree but my real question is: WHY IS 600 SO SPECIAL?

P.S Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence, Metagross, Garchomp and Hydreigon are all the pseudo-legendaries there are.

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600, in stats, is a milestone that only the most elite Pokemon get.

6 stats can have a base value, and with a total of 600 or more, you have the capabilities to have a stat average of 100+, which is something that the average Pokemon could only dream of.

Pseudo Legends are on the very border of this achievement, and full-fledged legendaries achieve this and more, so they are "pseudo", meaning, "partially".

Good point, I see what you mean.