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I am playing Let's Go Eevee, and after talking to the lady in Vermilion, she gives me an Arcanine, a Pikachu exclusive. The only problem is, Arcanine doesn't get Flare Blitz by level up or TM, only... Growlithe......

Is there any way for this Arcanine to get Flare Blitz? If not, that's okay, her SpA is okay so I will probably give it Flamethrower, but still, Flare Blitz would be better.

Thanks, any answers would be appreciated! :D

I somehow don't think you can.
I always forget people refuse to evolve certain Pokemon and questions like these baffle me
Growlithe is a Pikachu exclusive, and the only way to get Arcanine in Eevee (my version) is through the lady in Vermilion. No Growlithes mean no Flare Blitz, unfortunately :(

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You can't, sorry. You have to get it as a Growlithe, or get the move on Arcanine through illegal means, seeing as Arcanine doesn't get Flare Blitz.


Hope I helped!

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dangit, thanks for helping :)