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Both Flare Blitz and Morning Sun and are moves, but I'm getting confused as to how to breed growlithes so that they will obtain both eggmoves. I have a male growlithe with flare blitz now, and a male espeon with morning sun, so how do I breed them so that a male growlithe will get both the eggmoves?
Thanks for the help!

Your unable to breed two Pokemon with the same gender. Do you possibly have an extra female growlithe, ditto, etc..?

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Here’s what you should do if you want both moves:

~If you bred that Growlithe yourself, breed again with the same parents until you get a female growlithe with Flare Blitz. Then use that female and breed it with the male Espeon with morning sun. After that you should get a growlithe that knows both those moves.

~ IF you didn't breed it yourself, get a ditto and breed it with that male arcanine or a wild female growlithe and start the previous method again.

Hope this helped.

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An easy way to do this is to have a male Smeargle sketch all the egg moves you want, and then breed it with a female Growlithe. Their children should inherit egg moves from the Smeargle.

Definitely the easiest way!