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I have a shiny and want to make it competitive for online battles.

I want to make my brave nature arcanine a physical hitter but think it might be too slow. Does anybody know if raising its ev and ivs in speed will make it fast enough to make it a threat in online battles? Or will the decrease in speed due to his nature be to much of a handicap. Are there any moves or items that could help my speed get higher? If he is to slow should I invest more Evs in his defenses? Does any body know a good move set with items for this slow arcanine that would be helpful thanks ? My team now is umbreon, charizard,garchomp,salamence, those are the best ones I have at the moment that I are Iv trained with perfect evs.

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This is what I'd recommend:

+A/-D or -SD Lonely or Naughty

+SA/-D or -SD Gentle or Quirky
Do you want to use it in singles or doubles? Battle Spot, VGC, or something else?

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probably not because if it is brave nature its speed will drop and 70% of the Pokemon ( in competitive) will over speed it , so I recommend to use a adamant nature as most of its attacks at physical and it has no good special attacks to learn by leveling up.

What about by TM or Move Tutor or through breeding?