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i have an idea for a sweep and it may work but I need ideas

so here is the setup

-double battle

start wth shedinja and stakataka
(stackatacka has skill swap)
staka copy's wonder guard
switch shed (or shed dies) to arcanine
stacka skill swaps to arcanine and arcanine uses burn up
!invincible arcanine!

im pretty sure they change to normal type after burn-up, so exactly this would not happen. otherwise this would be everywhere :P
You can't use Skill Swap to transfer Wonder Guard.
I doubt this strategy would be everywhere if it worked. It's a gimmick, and once those gain notoriety, they are useless.
This is besides the fact there are plenty of methods to counter this setup. Taunt and phasing moves like Whirlwind are common either way, and deal with this ably.
What kind of doubles? VGC, OU, or something else?

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Your strategy is impossible due to 1 critical detail. Wonder Guard cannot be transferred to another Pokemon. Moves such as Skill Swap will fail when used on Shedinja.

If it were possible, you'd be correct -- a typeless Pokemon would have no weaknesses, and would then be protected from all direct damage. However, there are a lot of sources of damage that are not direct. Burn, Poison, and Toxic. Self damage from Confusion. Leech Seed. Sand and Hail. A Ghost type using Curse. Rough Skin, Iron Barbs, and Rocky Helmet. Recoil from attacks. I think Future Sight? Destiny Bond doesn't deal damage, it simply makes the target faint. OHKO moves. And so on.