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i think I have wasted some of my shards (DERP) but was it worth it?

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Personally, I'd say no; I think it's much more worthwhile to use moves with more coverage, like Wild Charge and Close Combat (and Extremespeed which gives it a priority move). Outrage leaves you confused afterwards, and if your opponent has enough bulk, Protect and/ or a recovery method, you'd have wasted your time.

If you wanted coverage against dragon types, I would put an ice move on a water type Pokemon (since that covers its grass weakness too).

I think the usage of Outrage on Arcanine is probably to catch your opponent off guard; it's unexpected, and it could probably 2HKO most Dragons. It'd depend on the rest of your team, but I would use a wider coverage move instead of Outrage.

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I say yes because Dragon and Fire get perfect Neutral coverage (exception is Heatran with Flash Fire.)

477 Normal Effectiveness
197 Super Effective

Outrage + Flare Blitz = BAWS

Arcanine could use close combat or earthquake on Heatran.