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It's other moves are going to be (it's not evolved yet) flamethrower, thunder fang, and double team. It's going to be a mixed sweeper. If you have suggestions about the moveset please say them.

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Hey. Aerial Ace is very weak and even when super effective due to stab Flamethrower will be doing more when neutral. Also Arcanine is not the most bulky of Pokemon so locking itself into outrage would not be so beneficial. So I recommend you go neither and teach it Close Combat which will help it beat them rock types. Also Double Team is not such a good idea as Arcanine is not bulky as said meaning you don't want to risk it setting up. You would benefit from switching Double Team to Extreme Speed to finish off speedy weak foes. Thunder Fang is good for coverage but it is almost half the power of Wild Charge and using it could result in you not landing kos even on super effective Pokemon. So despite the recoil I recommend running Wild Charge. I hope this helped.

Loosing the dragon and flying coverage will not be so bad with its Fire stabs covering the majority of what Flying covers. The dragon attack isn't so needed.

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Thanks! It did help!