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In Pokemon Gold, Growlithe learns Flamethrower at level 50, but Arcanine learns Extreme Speed at level 50 also. Is there any way I can get him to know both?

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Evolve a growlithe at level 50

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Yes, I think. If this doesn’t work, there is Plan B. (Remember to save and soft reset.) Growlithe learns it at level 50 but to evolve it you will need a fire stone. Evolve it at level 50. Before that, it has to know flamethrower. Now evolve it. It will become arcanine. Even if the website says it is not a evolution move, there is a chance it will work. Use the fire stone. It is still at level fifty. You didn’t level it up. If you did, soft reset. It should say do you want to give up a move for Extreme Speed? Say yes. If that didn’t work, welp you need Crystal. Be campion and relearn it. Hope I helped. Sources: https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/arcanine/moves/2 Other source: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/1634-is-there-a-move-re-learner/

It says for Arcanine that Flamethrower is an evolution move
No, a pre-evolution move. Means it learned it as a growlithe and evolving with it.  That is what it means. :)
Let’s say your Charmeleon had Dragon Rage. You evolve it. You didn’t lose the move.
Does that mean I can learn Extremespeed too after I evolve it at level 50?