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If I get my Growlithe up to level 48, rare candy it, and then use a fire stone, will the Arcanine know Flamethrower and ExtremeSpeed.

(I did this technique with my Nidorino and Nidoking, to get horn-attack and thrash.)

I don't know if the rare candy is necessary, but the reason I used it on Nidorino is beacause it reverts the Pokémon's XP to '0' of the particular level.

Will this work, and I the rare candy necessary?

(EDIT: If any breeding experts read this, can someone suggest what Pokémon to use to breed Flamethrower, and possibly agility and flare blitz)


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Yes, you can! you can either make your Arcanine learn flamethrower via TM or via Move rememberer.

(TM is 35 for gen 3)

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