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Sorry guys but I did not get a screenshot of this but

I was in a multi-battle with my friend at the maison, anyway an enemy Bibarel came out (geez these Pokemon are glitchy) and my partner sent out Arcanine. Arcanine used Close Combat against the Bibarell but something weird happened, the Arcanine disapeared but the attacking animation still was there.

Why did this happen?
Why are Bibarel so glitchy?
Can I do this again?

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It appears to be a glitch in the coding of the game,have you previously tried to hack your system or game, the effects of hacking could have caused an issue in the code. Or if not, it is an honest mistake on Game-Freak. Also, is your game a completely legitimate copy, is it preoned? These could have also affected this.
The only way I can imagine to repeat this is to go back to the save file just before the incident, repeat all steps you took and then re-battle the trainer in the battle Maison.
Just check your game is 100℅ legitimate and nothing has been hacked either on the system or in the game.
Hope I helped!

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I have used no hacks that would have an effect such as AR yet pokedit was used. It was preowned but still... idk but thanks
Hmm, the first owner of the game could have used it in many different ways, and causing such a glitch, and pokedit could have easily messed up the game, after all, it is hacking.
thank god my copy was new :D