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Im doing a sorta challange with a friend but I'm stuck on who to chose as a fire type (heartgold)
I have a lapras, dragonite, jolteon, tyranitar, and skarmory. Problem is she has 2 known water types (politoad and kingdra) and will be bring in a froslass in. Any suggestions ?

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Houndoom is  post-game only if you beat the league from the first time you can get in kanto
Arcanine is just pretty early in the game which growlithe is located at route 36 and 37

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Against Froslass. Both should be able to take it out easily due to its fire weakness, but it’s usually faster than both so it’ll probably get in a hit. I would go with Flare Blitz Arcanine because it’s slightly more defensive and should easily ohko Froslass. You should make sure that you aren’t trolled into destiny bond or faint from recoil, but if you don’t, the battle won’t be too bad. Then again, Houndoom with flamethrower should do the job.

Against Politoed, a solar beam Houndoom could possibly ohko politoed, it would require setup of sunny day it would be so much more effective than Arcanine, especially because Arcanines best options are Double Edge (could cause fainting tho. Or thunder fang (65 base power, unless you wanna play with RNG and get that paralysis).

Both would be suicide against Kindgra. Kindgra has 2 weaknesses, one that none of the 2 fire types can learn a move of, another that doesn’t exist in HGSS. Whatever you do is death to your dog types, however here I think Solar Beam Houndoom or Dark Pulse Houndoom is the best idea here. You can try setting up Houndoom a nasty plot if you have a chance, that may change the tide of the battle.

I would suggest

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Modest Nature
252 Speed/252 Special attack/ 6HP
-Solar Beam
-Sunny Day
-Dark Pulse.
You can switch Sunny Day for Nasty plot if you think you will have a chance to set up or charge your solar beam safely.

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Arcanine’s Gen 4 Movepool is scary in that it’s so bad.
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Use Ho-Oh, Infernape, Heatran, or Arceus if you can. If you can't or don't want to use any of them, then the best fire Pokemon is almost certainly Moltres. It has higher special attack and both defenses when compared to Houndoom and Arcanine. Its flying type gives it a second STAB and immunities to ground attacks, arena trap, spikes (especially useful immunity in volleyball), and toxic spikes. This is my recommended set.

Moltres @ life orb
EVs: 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid nature
- fire blast
- air slash
- roost
- hidden power [grass] or U-turn

If you don't want to use Moltres, either, then you should probably use Houndoom like the ben person recommended.