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I'm making Mega Pokemon for my games to help me in the battles. Mega Houndoom is next on my list so plz help me out? I'll have more mega Pokemon nature questions soon.

We decided based on how these questions have turned out that they can be allowed. Moveset questions do not completely resolve these, as they rarely offer explanation of nature choices and may not be comprehensive.
Does that mean that i can ask about Good Pokemon Natures
my mega salamence is growing nicely, The stats are unbelievably high for these Salamence. Once they reach lvl.50, its iv training time!
Yes, you may ask about good Pokemon natures. However it remains preferable they are not posted in mass.
Try Timid.

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Timid or Modest are the best natures. Timid offers faster speed, which helps boost Mega Houndoom’s lackluster speed stat. Modest allows Mega Houndoom to not rely on Nasty Plot as much, especially considering that it can be difficult to spare a turn of setup because of how frail Houndoom is.

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Timid is probably your best bet. But if its for in game purposes Modest works pretty well too!

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by far timid. it doesnt need the extra killpower with modest since houndoom gets nasty plot and it gets solar power, boosting its power with sunny day. thats alot of damage!

Sunny Day on Mega Houndoom is pretty uncommon and ineffective.
Who said Houndoom sets Sunny Day? Why not a Drought Pivot? That's what teams are for; synergy.
Mega Charizard Y isn’t an option and Ninetales isn’t viable enough to justify using.
I use Mega Charizard Y and he works very well, With his Drought ability he's pretty much unbeatable in 5 turns