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It depends on your preferenc...Mega Manetric Has the speed to pull off quick attacks before they can set a plan into action,but Houndoom has a huge move pool,and can use them to its advantage
Manectric imo
It has good speed and Electric STAB, something a lot of pokemon in OU don't. It also gets Fire Type moves for annoyers like Ferrothorn.
What makes it better than Houndoom tho is that it gets a useful ability when it Mega Evolves in Intimidate. Solar Power is way too conditional and can't always be viable.

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Well, let's look at all of the aspects of each.

Mega Manetric

Mega Manetric is an Electric type and gains the ability Intimidate upon Mega Evolving. It has 135 as both its base Special Attack and Speed stats, and gets 70/80/80 bulk.

Its movepool is pretty good too, with Thunderbolt, Flamethrower/Overheat, Volt Switch, Charge Beam, etc.

Intimidate works as a good ability to counter Earthquake, the most common move used against Electric types. It also makes Manetric a very good counter for Talonflame. It can be very good as a lead if you teach it the right moves (i.e. Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt/HP Ice, Overheat, and Volt Switch).

Mega Houndoom

Mega Houndoom has its own perks. It's a Fire/Dark type and gains the ability Solar Power when it Mega Evolves. It has a 140 base Special Attack and 115 base Speed, and gets 75/90/90 bulk.

It has a good movepool as well. Its typing, while giving it more weaknesses, gives it better coverage, and Houndoom gets access to Nasty Plot, so it can be a great setup sweeper.

Mega Houndoom is utilized best when in the sun and makes a good revenge killer, if you have the set for it (i.e. Nasty Plot, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, and Solar Beam).

So to get to the point, it's honestly up to you which one you choose. Mega Manectric works better as a lead, but with sun support, Mega Houndoom is deadly. In most circumstances I'd go with Manectric (due to the fact that you probably don't have a sun team), but either one works great.

Hope I helped!

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This question can be answered in a multiple of ways.

If we go by usage statistics (translation: its strengths are more readily apparent to a greater number of players) then Mega Manectric is the winner, based on (as of August 2014) Manectric being in OU and Houndoom being in UU, along with being used often in VGC 2014 competitions while Houndoom is hardly ever seen in top teams.