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Arcanine is my favorite Pokemon, but is he better than Houndoom?
Remember, this is for Competitive.
Pros and Cons strongly suggested


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Arcanine Pros:
Great as a mixed attacker
Vast movepool that covers its 3 weaknesses to Ground, Water and Rock
All abilities are great (Intimidate, Flash Fire, Justified)
6 Type Resistances
Can learn ExtremeSpeed and other priority moves

Arcanine Cons:
Outclassed by faster Pokemon
No Mega-Evolution as of yet

Houndoom Pros:
6 Type Resistances
140 Special Attack and 110 Speed with Mega Evolution
Immunity to Psychic Types
Flash Fire/Solar Power

Houndoom Cons:
Loses an item slot due to Houndoomite
4 Weaknesses, and no longer resists fairy
Frail when not Mega Evolved
No priority with sole exception of Sucker Punch
Mostly physical movepool

If I had to choose which one was better, I would choose Arcanine. It's even classified as the Legendary Pokemon!

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