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This is In-Game. My team is Flygon, Blastoise, Eelektross, Breloom, ???, and Skarmory

Well the problem here is that you don't have a problem u\you bring both to destroy all and dominate everyone arcanine in personal experience is great but when psychic show up in battle will destroy him so bring houndoom to counter for that weakness then switch between causing mass destruction:)

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Let go through some things shall we?

  1. Stats

Both have acceptable overall stats (Arcanine-555 Houndoom-500) so nothing yet. Both are considered offensive sweepers with powerful move sets. Not much to diverse between them so far. On stats along Arcanine takes it in round one because there isn't massive differences. Arcanine is a bit more on the bulk side and packs more HP compared to Hound.

  1. Sets

Well, here it starts to change. Hound normally uses some sort of Sub set, but ingame these are fairly impractical so a nasty plot is a bit harder to pull of. A 4 attack set is viable and sucker punch does beat extreme speed in the priority department, but it doesn't make a whole load of difference considering that Houndoom specializes in...Special attacks. While Arcanine can use Extreme speed much more effectively.

Another upside to using Arcanine is the possibility of mixed sets. So you don't have to use just recoil moves that are annoying to use in-game as you spend all your hard worked cash on more Hyper potions. Give it Flamethrower! Houndoom can use Mixed sets but not as well at the latter.

  1. Practicality

OK a few things with this one. Arcanine evolves using a stone. This means that you will have to keep it as Growlithe until you have all the right moves for it to learn or find the TM's. As well as finding an actual fire stone. Houndoom evolves from Houndour at Lv 24, a very modest level.

Both can learn just one field move, strength.

Arcanine's move pool is much more diverse allowing it to counter more threats and use interesting combinations. Houndoom's move pool is also good, but less so than Arcanines.

Based on your current team typing doesn't seem to be an issue. Houndomm is weak to more but resists more. So that shouldn't be too much of an issue.

In conclusion, Arcanine is the one to have. Houndoom is still very good and perfectably usable but not the one I would choose.

PX ;}

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Since this is in-game, I would suggest Arcanine. Houndoom does not appear in B2W2. You either need to trade or get a Houndour from dream world (in which case its ability will be unnerve). Additionally, Houndoom has poor choices for its movepool, and Arcanine will be able to use Crunch which will cover Psychic & Ghost types.

Ability: Flash Fire (preferred)
- Crunch
- Flamethrower
- Extremespeed
- Flame Charge/ Wild Charge

Flamethrower over other fire moves for accurate STAB, Extremespeed for priority, Crunch for coverage, and either Flame Charge for some added speed or Wild Charge for coverage but recoil.

Growlithe can be found at the Virbank Complex, and evolve one at level 39 so it can learn Crunch; pretty sure you can then reteach the evolved Arcanine Extremespeed.

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I'll choose Arcanine because it got better stats:
Held item:Leftovers
Trait:Intimidate/Flash Fire

  • Flamethrower:high power and may burn the foe

  • Fire Blast:Massive Power and may burn the foe

  • SolarBeam:Massive Power and cover those rock,ground and water-type Pokemons (Use Sunny Day first so,it won't take recharge)

  • Sunny Day:Use this move for the Solarbeam so,it doesn't take recharge again

I hope this is helpful

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