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Im thinking whether i should make my houndoom timid or lonely. In my current team there arent any mixed attackers so im thinking about using my houndoom as a mixed sweeper with lonely nature. but with the lonely nature, it sacrifises his defense and speed. with timid nature, he will be fast but only effective as a special sweeper. which one is better? a speedy special sweeper? or a mixed attacker who can take down most psychics and ghosts with sucker punch?

oh and dont request me another nature other than these 2, i want either one but just dont know which one is better for houndoom

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Go with Lonely. Timid will lower your Attack, which won't be good for a mixed Houndoom.

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i didnt completely decide if i want to make him mixed yet. so thats why im asking if timid or mixed is better. and if i make him timid, i wont give him any physical moves
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How about Hasty (+Speed -Defense) or Naive (+Speed - Sp.Def) if you don't want Timid or Lonely?

no i said i want either timid or lonely, but actually thinking of doing timid