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So, I was battling with my Charizard and Trevenant out at the Battle Maison and a Luxray's (doubles) Quick Claw activated and it went last! Did it use Roar? I've never seen one with Roar. Or is my game glitched again?

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What is strange about the Luxray's Quick Claw activating?
In Battle Maison everything is possible to be found.
Also Quick Claw gives a +8 priority and have 20%  chance of activate and Luxray can learn Roar at level 23.

Quick Claw will not give +8 total priority, but +8 addiction to the priority of the move! This means the Roar having -6 Priority and +8 Quick Claw will be +2 Priority , which this can be compared to a Extreme Speed.

Strange is you see a Pokemon with an attack that can not learn.

Hope this helps.
It doesn't give +8 Priority, and even if it did, that would mean it would still have +2 Priority after Roar, the same as Extreme Speed
''+8 priority to the move '' I can't explain right but it give +8 to a move, so a -6 Roar will get +8 and then it will get +2 Priority.
Hope you understand.
I'm pretty sure it's just the priority bracket, but I'll check that out. I don't think i's +8. Also, you just explained what I litterally just explained.
Ok (filler).
It's the priority bracket, it's not +8 priority. I just looked it up. The answer's wrong :/. You also only explained the priority system, not why Luxray went last, or if it was a glitch or not. The other answer is right.

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Quick Claw has a 20% chance to allow a move to go first in its priority bracket.
So Quick Claw does not give you +1 priority, it simply allows you to go first in its own priority bracket.
For example, if Quick Claw activated when you used Tackle(+0 priority) and the foe used Drain Punch(+0 priority), then you would go first. However, if you used Tackle and the foe used Extreme Speed, you will go last even if Quick Claw activated, and if you also used a +2 priority move, then you would go first.
So even if Luxray used Roar(-6 priority), it would still go last, unless the opponent also used a move with -6 priority.
I assume you were confused because Luxray went last even if Quick Ckaw activated.
If you are confused because Luxray used Roar, it can learn it at level 23.

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