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Quick Claw is such an amazing item- It lets the user go first, but no one ever uses Quick Claw and I just want to know why.

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Maybecuz it's unreliable and other items can do more damage?
Simply, it only has a chance of working, which makes it undesirable
What format/rules are you asking about?

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Quick Claw is not a good item for competitive at all. It works randomly (and rarely), and there is no guarantee that it will be impactful if/when it activates. You can't base your decision-making on random chances, so Quick Claw plainly doesn't factor into your game most of the time.

In other words, you are never going to make a play that depends on Quick Claw working. On the other hand, you can always trust an item like Choice Scarf to hit a speed benchmark or Life Orb to secure an OHKO. You want items with a consistent, dependable and useful effect. Quick Claw is an unpredictable luck item.

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I've used quick claw many times in many games. But I never heard that this works pretty rarely!!! And in most times..... It works!!
I don't really know what to tell you. It's a fact that Quick Claw fails 80% of the time.
I don't know! It used to work for me most times! Perhaps it might be happening only for me!
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Becuase it’s not reliable.
It only works 20% of the time. 1/5th of the time. That’s not very often. You could just use a choice scarf or some other item that is more reliable.

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Quick Claw is not used because it is not reliable enough for competitive impact. It only has a 20% chance to activate, meaning 1/5th of the time. It would be better to use a move like Sucker Punch for priority

2 things. 1, what does this add that the others dont? 2, sucker punch is also somehwat unreliable