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If you didn't know what is a Lagging Tail, see here

What is the purpose of this item? All it does is makes Pokemons slower, so how do I use this item called Lagging Tail in Competitive battling?


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Effect: Forces the holder to move last in its priority bracket, regardless of its Speed.

Its mainly hold by Pokemon that have are very slow and can get Trick. Since Lagging Tail causes the holder to move last, they can be Tricked to faster Pokemon so that you will always land the first hit. The Pokemon that learn Trick and have a slow speed, like Spe<50, make good use of Trick + lagging tail. It can be a alternative to a Trick Room, so you don't have the risk of suddenly Trick Room ending. Another one would be for Klutz, since it means the item would have no effect.

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You could give it to Pokémon with the ability Klutz
Oh yeah. Thanks for the idea.
You can use it for moves like payback and revenge
It works for Payback, but Revenge already has -Priority.