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I was using my Gale Wings Talonflame against a Vespiquen. After I commanded it to use Flare Blitz, Vespiquen's Quick Claw activated, and it used Bug Buzz before I could attack. On the next turn, I decided to use Brave Bird, curious to see if the Quick Claw would activate again, but it didn't, so I moved first, knocking out Vespiquen.

If the Quick Claw had been activated on that second turn, which Pokemon would have moved first?


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>A hold item that gives the holder a 20% chance of going first in its priority bracket and ignores the effects of Trick Room and Stall.

>Gale Wings increases the priority of Flying-type moves by one. Affected Flying-type attacks and offensive status moves can be blocked by Quick Guard.

Zero-priority moves affected by gale wings move before zero-priority moves affected by quick claw, assuming their priorities aren't affected by anything else.
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