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Assuming you used Tailwind w/ Gale Wings in the first turn, would a slower Pokemon be faster on the same turn?
Or would the effect start from the next turn?

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No, Tailwind only takes effect on the next turn. Evidence (The Chansey is faster than the Golem).
Edited. The replay is actual evidence now.

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I really appreciate this, but the fact is, Golem is Atomotize, so the speed difference caused by it gaining 2x speedboost could be the reason for that. I'd really, really appreciate it if you could get a replay without any speed boosting, as it sort of defeats the purpose :(
Or, I think you linked the wrong replay, because Golem was definitely faster in the replay, and it had 2x Speed boost and Tailwind support.
I've fixed the replay now. Before, I just picked the move from the top of Golem's learnset that did no damage and forgot that it actually boosted speed!
Thank you so much! Sorry for the late reply, though.