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Do the main characters in the games have set Pokemon (other than their starter) that are the same on each play-through?
If not, did she get it in a horde encounter or something?

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Calem/Serena never use their Fletchling again after their first tag battle w/ you against Tierno & Trevor, so they don't have a Gale Wings Talonflame. People made up stories about it, much like Gary's missing Raticate, but it just never appears in the game again.

And yes, all the NPCs have set Pokemon (excluding some differences e.g. your starter choice, or you hacking to change it).

As for the reason why it has Gale Wings, there's no explanation for it. It just does, and we have to deal with it. If you want an in-game explanation, then I assume the most likely/ plausible reason is that Calem/Serena is the child of veteran trainers, and therefore could've gotten access to a Gale Wings Fletchling via their parents.

Also, you cannot get Fletchling or any of its evolutions in horde encounters.

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Serena also has Fletchling when you fight against Team Flare for the first time.
I'm pretty sure she never uses it again after the battle with Tierno and Trevs. Bulbapedia doesn't list it either.
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She has only had a Fletchilng for only 2 battles. The battles where you fight against Trevor and Tierno and against Team Flare together. Her Fletchling does not have Gale Wings because I've outsped the Fletchling before. She(Serena) probably put it in the PC, and later she gets a new Flying Type; Altaria. And that's what she uses for all the times you battle her. Hope I helped!(ish)

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