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I'm deciding on one of the two, for online battling.
The rest of my team is
Greninja (Protean of course)
Serperior (Contrary)
Chesnaught (Bulletproof)

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What tier is this? (unless if this is on the 3DS)
Yea 3DS
Can someone answer?
Talonflame because flying Pokemon are always better.
I mean they both perform different roles, so it's hard to make a recommendation without knowing the full team :|
Also, aren't you supposed to have 6 Pokemon on a team? If you can't decide on one of them, aren't you supposed to give us information on 5 Pokemon?

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Well, it depends. Talonflame has that double weakness to Rock, but it it is a a speedy Pokemon. Talonflame is good for hit and run, and the Gale Wings priority is very good. Talonflame doesn't have much to cover that Rock weakness except for Solar Beam.

Blaziken has less weaknesses and better base stats, and is better as an attacker and special attacker than Talonflame. Blaziken can also match Talonflame's speed fairly well with it's Speed Boost. BLaziken can also cover it's Water and Flying weakness decently well with Thunder Punch and while it's not STAB, it should do some decent damage.

I say Blaziken myself, but it's your choice.