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Is EV training a speed boost special attacking Blaziken a good idea and what nature should I use?

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I want to use flamethrower and blast burn effectively

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Okay, I recommend Timid (Speed+ Attack-) or Modest (Sp. Attack+ Attack-)

Timid- You raise your okay speed and sacrifice attack since you are using sp. attack. Speed Boost boosts your speed even further, so you outspeed a lot later in the battle.

Modest- You raise your amazing sp. attack and get rid of the attack you are not using. You also sacrifice more speed, which can be fixed, for more power.

You can choose from here now.

Although Attacking is better, I think you can make use of Special Attacking.

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I would say it's Attack is better so if I could potentially talk you into using Flare Blitz, Hi Jump Kick, Swords Dance, and Protect then EV train in Attack and Speed with an Adamant Nature.

However if you do want to go for a special Blaziken then I would say go for a Modest Nature (as you don't need the extra speed with speed boost) and EV train in Special Attack and Speed.

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