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i mean its true it can turn out crazy fast and strong but i dont see shapedo in the uber list and ninjask either so why blaziken ? its still not that strong although i got one and it is amazeing with the right moveset yet still i dont understand why hes an uber so someone has the answer ?

what! blaziken is uber!!!!!!!

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1 blaziken is awesome
2 blaziken is awesome

u kow its really strong with all those stab moves
He's not uber for being especially strong, his speed boost is the only reason he's there.

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Well you Can Pair him with a focus sash, and use a good stat boosting move like Swords dance and hone claws, and then it becomes invincible for some people, becuase it speed will grow overtime, but actually its easy to counter, just use a priority move, or trick room that bird thingy

also, Sharpedo isnt an uber because he gots low defenses and no stat boosting moves, so it will ony be fast, but no strong, and ninjask is an uber, because its an annoying batton passer, but again, trick room or priority, see ya ninjask

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Ninjask isn't uber.. is it?
Ninjask is UU I believe.

Remember that stealth rock eats at half his health upon entry, meaning subsets are virtually useless unless he's a lead. But His stalling will lead to more phasing.
also Unlike sharpedo and yanmega, Blazekin(like ninjask) has Baton pass. and unlike ninjask blazekin has high offensive stats.
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Blaziken is only Uber according to Smogon. By Pokemon Online tiers and by our tiers, he is not Uber.

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Dream World Blaziken is an Uber because it has the ability Speed Boost which in context states that Speed Boost raises the user's Speed stat by one stage, at the end of each turn in battle. It also has a wide array of moves to counterpart with this ability.

Now if you are wondering why Ninjask, Yanmega, and/or Sharpedo are nit Ubers is because, yes 1 they have the ability but two they are not that strong. Blaziken is actually one of the more gifted starters along with Charizard in my opinion that actually has an advantage over many other Pokemon with the attacks that they can learn and their strong stats while fully EV'd.

I hope this helped! ^_^