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I surprised when blaziken was putted in smogon ubers is it because of its speed boost?


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They put Blazekin in Uber because of his Ability to Baton-pass Swords-dance/Hone-claws and Speed boosts. If you are thinking: "Well can't Ninjask do that too?" yes but Blazekin can also hit hard and make use of the boosts to his Attack. Personally I believe that he is better suited for OU as Priority kills him, Focus-sash kills him, and several more things kill him. Usually Blazekin has this Moveset: Hi-jump-kick/Swords-dance, Blaze-kick/Swords-dance, Protect, and Baton-pass.

Some good OU counters to him:
Dragonite: Resists both STABs, has Extreme speed/Aqua-jet for priority, and is bulky enough to take multiple hits.
Tentacruel: Resists both STABs, has Haze to remove his Stat ups, has super effective STAB. Gyarados: Resists both STABs, can OHKO Blazekin in one hit from Waterfall.

Some good Uber counters for him:
Giratina: Immune to Fighting, resists fire, has priority Shadow-sneak, Origin form would be the best for KOing him.
Raquaza: Resists both STABs, Extreme-speed priority, hits super Hard.
Honestly most Ubers can take him though, the real problem is beating the Pokemon he Baton-passes too. So it is a good idea to have a Pokemon with Haze or Clear-smog.

Ninjask isn't used because of the whole 4X stealth rock weakness. Half his health is gone. Blaziken on the other hand is neutral to it, so he loses hardly any health. Most of the time, he's gonna just carry a sash, and probably baton pass assuming he doesn't attack you. (which isn't frequent)
Yeah forgot about that thanks for mentioning it :)