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Hi, I know Pokemon Oras is old. But is it possible to breed speed boost Torchic in Pokemon Oras except for Mega blaziken? And how would I do that?

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Do you already have a Speed Boost Torchic you'd like to breed, or are you asking how you would breed Torchic to be able to get it to have Speed Boost?

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You would have to have a speed boost Torchic to breed it and pass down speed boost. Pokémon with normal abilities only pass down normal abilities and a HA Torchic, combusken, or blaziken has a %60 chance of passing speed boost down to its offspring. You can not breed mega blaziken because mega evolution can only occur during battle. If you don’t have a HA Torchic, cumbusken, or blaziken, it will be hard to get one. They are rare.

Source: experience.

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The problem is that I don't have a speed boost torch in Pokemon oras. How do I get one?
I believe it was from an event. You would have to trade someone that owns one for it.
Deposit an Abra in the gts and request a Blaziken. You will get a speed boost Blaziken after a few minutes
combusken not cumbusken