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I’m breeding Speed Boost Torchic and trying to get a backup female for my pokebank, but out of the 30 eggs I have hatched, 21 have had Speed Boost, 7 have been female, and none of those females got Speed Boost. Is it possible for MTorchic+Ditto=FTorchic with Speed Boost?

Not seeing anything anywhere that says it wouldn’t but that’s some weird odds (maybe my luck for getting females is eating my luck for HA?).

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Yes, I think you're just unlucky.
Only 1 in every 8 Torchics is female, so getting a female with anything is pretty hard.
Finally got it, then immediately got another. Up to 87 eggs with 2 speed boost females, 11 females over all and 2 shinies without speed boost.

Thanks for the answers guys

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The male Torchic must already have Speed Boost for this to work. However, since it is male, it has a substantially lower chance of passing the Ability than if it was female.

This is accurate. Unless I’m mistaken, there shouldn’t be any link between the gender of the offspring and whether they get the HA either; in this case correlation does not imply causation.
Accurate or inaccurate?
Unless in changed in Sun/Moon, it should still be 60% chance for female to pass, and 20% chance for male to pass.  That's what it was in X/Y/OR/AS.
@Rex I agree with the answer. I’m just adding that in addition to this answer since it seemed part of OP’s confusion. (Note I’m referring to the offspring’s gender not the parent’s.)