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If I'm correct then Tailwind increases the Speed of all Pokémon on your team by 2x for three turns, counting the turn you use it. This means that a Pokémon with a Speed value of 120 would have 240 Speed for the duration of Tailwind.

I want to give my Azumarill enough Speed EVs to out-prioritize BB from Talonflame with Aqua Jet under Tailwind.

  • Azumarill's base Speed, with 31 IVs, 0 EVs and a neutral Nature is 70.
  • Talonflame's base Speed, with 31 IVs, 252 EVs and a neutral Nature is 178.

Therefore, I need my Azumarill to reach a Speed stat that, when doubled by Tailwind, will reach at least 179 Speed. As this is not possible through doubling, he will need to reach 180.

180 ÷ 2 = 90

I need Azumarill to reach a Speed stat of 90.

Am I right?


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Yep, 90 speed is the minimum speed required to beat 252 speed with neutral nature Talonflame and Jolly 132 speed (which is relatively common and hits 179). So 156 EVs in speed should do the trick unless you run a speed increasing nature (Jolly) in which case 96 EVs will do the trick. You may want to run a few extra EVs in speed just in case they try the speed creep to get at an opposing Talonflame.

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Okay, that helps. I calculated the 156 EVs myself, and I decided that it took away too much bulk and that Azu had friends who could handle Talonflame. Thanks anyways.