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Gender: Boi
Country: In a place where pointing your index finger at random people is considered rude
Favorite Pokémon: Pincurchin, Reuniclus, Decidueye
Friend Codes: What does that mean?
About me: Hello.Uhh.My name's kiyertok.I like Pokémon.If you didn't know that then what do you think im doing on this website.I play a lot of OU on Showdown! If you see a random person named Kiyertok on Showdown! with at least 1 Pincurchin don't mind to say hi.

Hmmm, I wonder how many people can pronounce my username right.

Favourite Pincurchin set:
Pinchur (Pincurchin) @ Focus Sash  
Ability: Electric Surge  
EVs: 4 HP / 128 Def / 248 SpA / 128 SpD  
Modest Nature  
- Rising Voltage  
- Hex  
- Scald  
- Recover

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sorry for not being online as much
Jan 20, 2021 by kiyertok
Dec 16, 2020 by kiyertok
hello june brother!
Dec 16, 2020 by Hoenndragon
sorry for being offline for a whi-                                                                                                      OMG 142 POINTS
Dec 16, 2020 by kiyertok
Thank you
Nov 30, 2020 by Iridacea
yes you did
Nov 24, 2020 by kiyertok
so close to 80 points
Nov 17, 2020 by kiyertok
I'm pretty sure I can pronounce your name right, I've tried.
Nov 13, 2020 by ~Dragapulse~
PrimalKyogre and  ◦KyogrePulse◦ in the same wall?
Nov 11, 2020 by kiyertok