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Lots of Pokemon have switched their abilities over the past gens but as I am too lazy to search for them all can you guys tell me. Oh and maybe why they were switched (just curious)

Note: I don't mean abilities that change your ability I mean the Pokemon that had diferent abilities before gamefreak changed them

Gained: Slush Rush (Speed Boost in Hail)
Boldore and Roggenrola
Gained: Weak Armor (Lowers Defense, but raises Speed two stages when hit with a Physical attack)
Changed: Flash Fire -> Inner Focus (Can't be flinched)
Changed: Levitate -> Cursed Body (May disable the enemy's move when hit with a move that makes contact)
Gained: Sand Stream (Starts a Sandstorm)
Gained: Drizzle (Starts Raining)
Changed: Volt Absorb -> Inner Focus (Can't be flinched)
Changed: Water Absorb -> Inner Focus (Can't be flinched)
Gained: Drought (Starts Intense Sunlight)
Gained: Snow Warning (Starts a Hailstorm)
changed: ->Shadow Tag to Infiltrator (passes through walls like safeguard and reflect)

these are the ones I know.
source : 6 mins of my life in which I searched google and my experience
I'm too lazy to search and answer as well but you repeated Gengar and missed Chandelure, whose hidden ability was changed from Shadow Tag to Infiltrator
thanks! edited it.
You missed Pidgey, which gained tangled feet in gen 4.

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First, this answer does not count the hidden abilities that Pokemon gained in gen 5, because there are a lot of them.

Pokemon that gained a second ability from gen 3 to gen 4
Tangled Feet: Pidgey family, Spinda
Rivalry: NidoranF family, NidoranM family
Magic Guard: Clefairy family
Dry Skin: Paras family
Tinted Lens: Venonat family, Illumise
Technician: Meowth family, Scyther family, Hitmontop, Smeargle
Anger Point: Mankey family, Tauros
No Guard: Machop family
Hydration: Seel family
Skill Link: Shellder family
Forewarn: Drowzee family, Jynx family
Steadfast: Tyrogue
Reckless: Hitmonlee
Iron Fist: Hitmonchan
Leaf Guard: Tangela, Hoppip family
Scrappy: Kangaskhan, Miltank
Sniper: Horsea family, Remoraid family
Filter: Mr. Mime
Mold Breaker: Pinsir
Adaptability: Eevee
Download: Porygon, Porygon2
Solar Power: Sunkern family, Tropius
Super Luck: Murkrow, Absol
Quick Feet: Granbull, Teddiursa family, Poochyena family
Gluttony: Shuckle, Zigzagoon family
Snow Cloak: Swinub, Piloswine
Frisk: Stantler, Shuppet family
Poison Heal: Shroomish family
Normalize: Skitty family
Stall: Sableye
Simple: Numel
Solid Rock: Camerupt
Anticipation: Barboach family
Ice Body: Snorunt family, Spheal family

BW to BW2 or gen 6
Blue Basculin: Reckless (except the one from the in-game trade, which has rock head) -> Rock Head (except ones hatched from eggs in BW2, which can have reckless) (all reckless blue Basculins get rock head when transferred to gen 6)

Gen 5 to gen 6
Gained Competitive: Jigglypuff family, Milotic, Gothita family
Gained Lightning Rod: Plusle
Gained Volt Absorb: Minun
Gained Oblivious: Feebas
Gained Protean: Kecleon
Gained Frisk: Duskull family
Gained Reckless: Starly
Gained Anticipation: Ferrothorn
Zapdos: lightning rod -> static
Venipede family: quick feed -> speed boost
Litwick family: shadow tag -> infiltrator

Gen 6 to gen 7
Gained Hydration: Wingull
Gained Drizzle: Pelipper
Gained Drought: Torkoal
Gained Weak Armor: Roggenrola, Boldore
Gained Sand Stream: Gigalith
Gained Snow Cloak: Vanillite, Vanillish
Gained Snow Warning: Vanilluxe
Gained Slush Rush: Cubchoo family
Gengar: levitate -> cursed body
Raikou: volt absorb -> inner focus
Entei: flash fire -> inner focus
Suicune: water absorb -> inner focus

Gen 7 to gen 8
Gained Stench: Koffing family
Gained Neutralizing Gas: Koffing family

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